Calm Body

Clear mind



Week 1 


Week 1 Optional “Homework” 

  • Each day practice along with track #9: Guided Mindful Deep Breathing 2, twice a day.

Week 2 Optional “Homework” 

  • Each day practice 10 minutes of Mindful Deep Breathing and 15 minutes of Mindfulness of the Natural Breath.

    • Track 9 from Week 1 is 10 minutes of MDeepB

    • Track 4 from Week 2 is 13 minutes of MNaturalB

Week 3


This guided meditation practice is led by a modern meditation master. You will see the track is 60 minutes, but the first 5-8 minutes is the set up, and the last 5-10 is moving to a seated posture (which you can eliminate), so don’t let the time intimidate you!

Invitational Home Practice:

  • Do the 10 Points Practice (link above) every other day.

  • Do 10 minutes Mindful Deep Breathing followed by 15 minutes Mindfulness of the Natural Breath. You can continue to use the tracks supplied in classes 2 and 1.

Week 4


Next Steps:

Diane and I will be returning to MovementRx Studio Sunday nights in June/July for a series exploring mindfulness of thoughts and emotions.

Ideally, you want to continue with a daily formal meditation practice of at least 20 minutes, up to 40. Let the practice be balanced — providing both personal insight AND ease.