My teaching schedule this winter has been significantly reduced. This allows me the opportunity both to continue to deepen my own meditation practice as well as to read and review new research and findings in the science of meditation. In this way, my teaching stays vital, evidence-based, and inspired. To receive updates about new series and classes, please subscribe to my newsletter, offered at the bottom of this page.


Taming thoughts,

tending emotions

Sunday mornings // 9-10:15AM

December 9th & 16th

January 13th & 27th

February 10th

@ Roots Philly Yoga

466 N 10th Street Philadelphia, PA

Emotions are meant to connect us with the people and situations that support our personal growth and flourishing, and to protect us from relationships and difficulties that compromise or threaten our safety, health, and growth.

Similarly, our ability to plan, reflect, and discern -- to think -- is intended to help us manage complex difficulties and social interactions. Thinking is intended to help us avoid stress and conflict.

Yet so often the emotions and thoughts we experience leave us feeling stressed and conflicted!

Learn how to shift your relationship with emotions and thoughts — to one of response rather than reaction, to one of balance and ease rather than overwhelm.

All classes will be recorded and the audio made available for streaming/download. That way if you miss a class you can still follow along, and deepen your practice.