Classes & Workshops


drop-in Class

Tuesday evenings // 6:30 - 7:30PM

Breathing Room // 2926 Richmond Street Philadelphia, PA


In this weekly drop-in class Brandon will explore foundational concepts and share practices for establishing and sustaining a meaningful mindfulness meditation practice. 

Classes consist of 15-30 minutes meditation, 15-20 minutes exploring key concepts of mindfulness, and 15-20 minutes of Q&A. 

To support your practice between classes, attendees receive recordings of the guided meditations.

Beginners always welcome!


Calm body,

clear mind:

Sunday mornings // 9-10:15AM

September 23rd / October 7th & 21st / November 4th

Roots Philly Yoga // 466 N 10th Street Philadelphia, PA

True peace of mind isn’t something you can buy or accumulate, but it is something you can learn to recognize and connect with from moment to moment. 

Mindfulness meditation, the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment and then sustaining that attention, has been proven to support a number of benefits, including reduced stress, greater focus, better sleep, and a general sense of connection, meaning, and deep well-being

Learn foundational mindfulness meditation practices for connecting with breath and body along with key concepts for establishing and deepening a meditation practice.

All classes will be recorded and the audio made available for streaming/download. That way if you miss a class you can still follow along, and deepen your practice.

*Receive a discount for enrolling for entire course



Mind in balance

heart at ease

Thursday evenings // 7:30-9PM

September 20th - October 26th

MovementRx Studio in Wynnewood, PA

Emotions are meant to connect and protect us: connect us with the people and situations that support our personal growth and flourishing, and to protect us from relationships and difficulties that compromise or threaten our safety, health, and growth.

Similarly, our ability to plan, reflect, and discern -- to think -- is intended to help us manage complex difficulties and social interactions. Thinking is intended to aid our decision making -- to help us avoid stress and conflict.

Yet so often the emotions and thoughts we experience leave us feeling stressed and conflicted!

Join me for this 6-week series, where we will explore mindfulness meditation practices and techniques for shifting our relationship with emotions and thoughts -- to one of response rather than reaction, to one of balance and ease rather than overwhelm.

Enroll by September 1st to receive an early bird discount





for beginners

Wednesday evenings // 7 - 9:00PM

September 26th - November 14th

@ ClearLight Meditation Institute in Wayne, PA

Experienced meditators will tell you, the skill of meditation is not something easily accomplished by reading a book. Meditation is simple but subtle and asks us to patiently re-train our bodies and minds in peace and simplicity so that we can experience the benefits of greater relaxation, lower stress, increased clarity and general well-being.

This "gold standard" course will introduce you step by step to the practice of mindfulness. You will learn fundamental meditation techniques including the body scan, mindfulness of breathing, walking meditation and more.

Topics include:

- Understanding what meditation is and how it works
- The scientific research into its benefits
- How and why to establish a daily practice
- How to relax mind and body
- Training in attention and awareness
- Mindfulness of breathing and sense perceptions
- Common challenges and remedies
- Mindfulness in daily life

Each weekly meeting includes guided meditation, talks, and discussion. The class format is set up to provide opportunity for personal guidance from a qualified teacher as well as for sharing experiences with others in the class. Seating options include chairs or meditation cushions. 

For those relatively new to meditation, this is the place to start!

* A ClearLight Meditation Institute course

** EARLY BIRD and COLLEGE STUDENT discounts available!