Friends and “Family”

I do my best to shine a light on my corner of the world. Still, I recognize that students have a wish to learn mindfulness, meditation, or to connect with other contemplative practices that fall outside my teaching schedule. For that reason I have generated this “Friends & Family” page. These are fellow practitioners whom I have either personally worked with and/or practiced under, and whose knowledge, skill, and heartfelt intention to be of benefit to others I can attest to.

These are events that are either exceedingly unique or that I believe will be of great benefit to others.



My own teachers, Scott & Nancy McBride, are the founders and Directors of ClearLight Meditation Institute, based in Wayne, PA.

They offer: “a broad range of events, courses and retreats designed to meet you at your level of experience – from brand new beginners to mature meditators who have practiced for many years. Following a non-denominational and inclusive approach informed by ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern psychology, our expert teachers guide you in step by step development of skills and understanding to bring about personal growth, emotional healing, deep transformative insight, and awakening.”

Classes can be attended in-person or by receiving weekly recordings. They have been an unmatched resource in my development not just as a teacher but as a meditator and a human being. I highly recommend their courses.

For more details and to register visit:


The Chakras: A Journey into Yoga & Energy

Saturday, Feb 2 // 1:30-5pm

$40 early bird by 1/26, $50 week after

@ Maha Yoga

Are there more than seven Chakras? What are their roles in the process of Yoga? This experiential class is designed to expand upon the students knowledge of the chakras, their functions, and the process of yoga!

Topics covered include the expanded chakra system and their functions (Physiological, Psychological, Spiritual); levels of truth; energy scanning (how to scan energy effectively + the effects of right thought, right speech and right action on the chakra system; simple exercises to cleanse and energize the chakras; as well as guided meditation on the chakras.

Students can expect a greater understanding into the process of yoga, the chakras, and how “Right Action” (yoga’s namas and niyamas) is directly correlated. Participants have stated that the positive effects of this workshop lasted for days and weeks, providing much clarity into their lives and spiritual practices.

Corey Sokoloff is a Certified Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, 200HR CYT, and accomplished drummer. He uses yogic philosophy and eastern medicine to help achieve inner peace and physical well-being. Corey is deeply passionate about helping others do the same.


Yoga for Winter Blues

Sunday February 17th // 9-11AM

Tuition: $50. Save 10% if enrolled by 1/31!

Jessica Pavelka, Licensed psychotherapist and yoga teacher will guide you into understanding the triggers, causes, and conditions of seasonal and clinical depression. With this knowledge and the scientific research that sheds light on why the mind and body gets triggered into these states, especially during the winter season, you will move into a supportive yet rejuvenating vinyasa yoga practice, invigorating and balancing pranayam, and soothing and healing meditation practice to address and help treat this condition. Conversation, Q&A and tea provided.