Mindfulness & Anger

Anger is perhaps the most difficult emotion to observe clearly and relate with skillfully -- yet this is exactly what learning and practicing mindfulness offers.

While anger seems intended to protect and defend us, it can leave us feeling paradoxically helpless. It can arise so quickly and with such intensity that we can feel as threatened by its energy as those around us. And many of us know all too well that while it can feel 'good' and 'right' to act out our feelings of anger, that we often feel upset or remorseful afterward.

Anger, or any other strong emotional response, is not a single event or happening. It has component parts. It has conditions that trigger it, and conditions that aide it in resolving. Mindfulness enables us to observe the component parts of our anger, and in doing so to discover means for disarming and working skillfully with the thoughts and energy that drive it.