Mindfulness & Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of insecurity that has no clearly identifiable or immediate cause.

Unsettled by the feeling but unable or unsure how to address it, we restrict ourselves to routines or activities we deem "safe".

Mindfulness allows us to connect with and explore more fully our moment to moment experience and the sensations that arise therein. Being present in this way enables us to observe that while feelings of anxiety arise, they are not constant, and being in-constant, they do not define who we are or how we should live.

Morever, anxiety is often driven by the content of thoughts and how we relate with that content. Practicing mindfulness, we learn how to see thoughts as "just thoughts", and sensations as "just sensations", without becoming identified with the content. 

A student, after completing an introduction to mindfulness course, once related to me "I used to think I was an anxious person, but now I see that I am a person who has anxious thoughts." The difference for them was felt, real, and transformative.