Mindfulness & happiness

Mindfulness enables us to work intentionally and skillfully with each moment of our life, even the difficult and uncomfortable ones. In doing so, we come to realize our inherent wholeness, and reconnect with the clarity, contentment, and happiness available to us in each moment of life. To practice mindfulness is to cultivate well-being 'from the inside out', as opposed to seeking it in circumstances outside of ourselves.

A landmark study found in 2010 that it is not what you are doing, but whether your mind is wandering (meaning you are doing one thing but thinking about another) that determines whether you are happy or not. Mindfulness, a practice for training attention, offers the possibility to "taming" the wandering mind, which leads to an increased sense of autonomy, strength, clarity, and control that would be otherwise unavailable. In this way, mindfulness is practice for strengthening and cultivating happiness, one breath at a time.