Real Mindfulness

at Work


From the mailroom to the boardroom, mindfulness can make a difference.

mindfulness has

been proven to

Reduce stress

The ultimate employee benefit — proven techniques for recognizing and releasing stress “on the spot”, and fostering work/life balance.

Improve focus

Get the work done right the first time around

Bolster the immune system

Reduce sick days

Improve sleep

Quality rest and recovery means more consistent performance and results, and improved mood

Foster engagement, creativity, and communication

why choose rm@W?

Real Expertise

Brandon completed a 2-year, 900-hour Meditation Teacher Training Program, completes 60+ hours of on-going education in meditation each year, and has a daily meditation practice.

Proven Practices

Meditation instruction is not useful if it isn’t practical. Brandon identifies proven (evidence-based) practices that can be easily learned and immediately integrated into daily and working life.

Flexible Scheduling

For Brandon, mindfulness isn’t a job, it’s a passion. His intention is to share mindfulness as broadly as possible. For that reason RM@W programs are available to be scheduled 7 days/week, from 7AM-7PM.

On-going Support

Like any skill, mindfulness takes time to learn and then refine. Brandon will collaborate with you to generate a plan for follow-up and on-going support, education and staff wellness events.

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What Can I Expect During my Consult Call?

We’ll discuss:

  • Your intended audience

  • The best space/time to hold the class/training

  • “Gold standards” for mindfulness practice — I’ll share what works in terms of creating meaningful and lasting change in an organizational culture

  • Your anticipated budget

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